Andaman Nicobar Island Tour

Interesting to the hilt, as beautiful as heaven and high on entertainment subdivision, such are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Think about yourself in a world of lush green plants, fresh air, picturesque environment, azure sea dotted with numerous islands and good for you climate. Sounds overwhelming!

Andaman and Nicobar are a cluster of islands (more than 500) found in the south eastern region of Bay of Bengal. Covered with palm trees, these islands are covered with forests and punctuated with crescent shaped beaches. That they are recognized for their natural beauty, rich marine beings and adventure sports. Approach Andaman and Nicobar Isle Tour and surely it is golden memories will continue to be etched in your cardiovascular system forever. Travel to India and enjoy the Andaman and Nicobar attractions to crown your holidays with golden memories. zanzibar prison island tour

Nicobar Of the islands
The Nicobar Islands involves 19 mesmerizing islands. The thick coconut groves are an impressive feature of the islands. Its incredible pure beauty, fascinating marine life and exciting adventure sports leave the tourists enchanted. 

Chatham Saw Mill
It is one of the Asia’s major saw mills where tourists can witness the complete process of cutting real wood for free. It was structured on the Federal government.

Ross Island
Once dished up as the capital of the British in Andaman and Nicobar, Ross Isle is a wonderful interest. It houses ancient church buildings, government offices, market, memorial and Gymkhana club.

Wandoor Beach and Mahatma Gandhi National Area
This attractive beach is hemmed in by 15 islands. Mahatma Gandhi National Park is another attraction located here where tourists can treat their senses with amazing views of marine pets, coral reefs and mangrove forests.

There are numerous museums here dedicated to different themes. Forest Department Memorial displays wooden handicrafts; Samudrika museum houses corals, seafood, sea creatures, shells, guns and Navy costumes; AnthropologicalMuseum displays pottery, wooden vessels, hut models, pictures of the native tribes and FisheriesMuseum houses fish and other sea creatures. These kinds of museums are the must visit destinations of this place.

Adventure Sports and Activities
For nature and adventure lovers, Andaman and Nicobar have a number to offer. Here you can indulge in activities like bird watching, creek safari, mangrove canopy walk, island camping, scuba snorkeling and trekking.

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