Augmented Reality Applications

Increased reality (AR) is the latest revolution in the technological sector that superimposes virtual reality over the real world environment. The current augmented reality technology deals with live computer made imagery that is increased using various computer software applications. For example, a person might wear transparent glasses or view a screen equipped with a camera (like cellphone device) where they can see real world environment as well as nearly created computer made image. Ronald T. Azuma describes augmented reality technology as the one which “i. combines the real world with the virtual world, ii. is interactive and in timely and iii. is signed up in 3 dimension. inch

In today’s world, optimized reality applications uses 3 sorts of displays. They will are:

1. Handheld devices such as smartphones like iPhone and android-phone.

2. Head mounted display that can be worn on head or affixed on to a helmet. Some of the examples are HUD (heads up display) headgear worn by fighter aircraft pilots and the modele of Google Project A glass. Augmented Reality

3. Spatial display that uses projectors to show off computer made imagery onto certain surface.

AR has become incredible so much that now it has been applied in a wide field of applications. Ranging from gambling industry to modern hostilities, augmented reality plays a pivotal role in boosting viewing experience or supporting an individual. Let us go through some of the applications has been executed. 

Air force – in usaf, fighter pilots uses HMD (Head Mounted Display) AR technology that can display various data such as jet speed, arête, horizon line, etc. right on their helmet’s visor. The pilot doesn’t even have to look at the various instruments on the jet’s dashboard. That is why it is also referred as HUD (Heads up Display). This can help them to completely focus on the battlefield and plan their strategy appropriately.

Education – there are several mobile application developed that can give explanation, facts and figures of the historical monuments or structures. The user just must point their cellular phone in which the monument and all the reality and statistics will instantly be shown onto their cellphone display.

Navigation – navigation is the most suitable app for AR technology. Merged with GPS, AR can make it easy for you navigate from point A to point N. Currently Android iphone app Wikitude uses this technology. Furthermore, some car manufacturers are also trying to use this technology for his or her windshield. Their aim is to assist the driver to find the route by displaying the route information right onto the car’s windscreen.

Information – there exists an iPhone and android os software called layar that displays various real-time information such as ATM, Gas Station, Cinema, Business, and so on. that is around the user on the cellphone screen. Furthermore, by clicking on on a particular point appealing, the application also gives the best journey to reach there.

A part from above, there are a variety other applications where KVADRATMETER technology can be used such as medical, gaming, advertising, entertainment and much more. Even so, the technology is still evolving and who know how far it will get enhanced.

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