Choosing an Independent Pharmacy Over a Retail Pharmacy

Through the years independent pharmacies are being taken over by cycle and retail pharmacies and the patients are not in favor, employed in an independently owned pharmacy for years I have observed all the complaints. 3rd party pharmacies are based entirely on the patients and their needs. Customer service is the number one priority at independent medical stores. They supply services and opportunities that chain stores would never think of seeking. Seeing how independent medical stores are becoming less popular is not good for the continuing future of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry is turning into warehouse style system with no customer care or face-to-face consulting of drugs. go here

By taking away 3rd party pharmacies your taking away well trained professionals who educate and provide information to customers about their everyday medication and the safety and dangers of them. You can head into any independent pharmacy and also have a face-to-face consultation with the pharmacist on any sort of question or concern. Surprisingly people have said the pharmacist at retail medical stores will refuse to speak with you about questions and have you call an answering service if they are too active. Independent pharmacists not only educate patients prove medication but also provide services and information on immunizations, diabetes management and protective screenings. 

The independent pharmacists and technicians will go well beyond their way to help you deal with any type of problems such as transferring your prescriptions to their drug store or finding out your correct insurance information. When ever you call a drug-store you want to get your medications filled at and so they need to be transferred some chain medical stores can take up to forty eight hours to make the call but with independent pharmacies it is going to maybe take thirty minutes depending on if they can get a keep of the transferring drug store, it is merely one simple call they make seem to be like a lot work. When ever patients need their remedies it is usually not something they can just hang on next week to post or until the pharmacist has “time” to transfer it, it is something they want immediately, even if it is a maintenance medicine it continues to be not good to miss a dosage and mess up your own body’s routine of it. Also, independent medical stores have a MUCH short wait time than cycle or retail pharmacies. They will tell you that sometimes it will require up to two days before they can have your treatments ready and you cannot even talk to a person when you call you have to speak to an automated machine to figure that away. In independent pharmacies if it is a fairly easy fill up or quick refill we can have you out and in within five to eight minutes.

The next thing I am going to discuss about independent medical stores is the specialization things they can do for you. Not only do you can personally talk to the staff and ask specific questions nonetheless they will also order things that fit the needs you have specifically and keep it in stock just for you. Various independent pharmacies stock all sorts of braces, compression stockings, diabetic supplies, and many other items you can’t find in a chain store. Also, they will order something for you if they do not contain it, say you wanted a back splint that Velcro’s rather than pictures together; they will be more than willing to order it that day and have it in the next morning. Many impartial pharmacies also compound medication, which is a huge deal in particular when the company runs out of a certain medicine. Such as previous year when the swine flu arrived no-one could order Tamiflu, the medication to treat it, but our pharmacists could mix it with the products he previously and it prevented people of having to drive for kilometers to find some.

A great additional to keeping impartial pharmacies around is that almost all of them have a free of charge delivery service. Like the drug-store I act on we have someone that comes in everyday and takes people who just got away of surgery, someone who is absolutely sick, an old person who can’t drive, or someone who just aren’t make it to your local store before we close their medicine to them. That makes a huge big difference in their day if they do not have to fight the inconvenience of actually finding ways to get there or being miserable because they are so sick. This just shows the customers that people really do worry about their needs of course, if we are meeting them.

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