Commercial Roof Repair: How Strong Is Your Commercial Roof System?

Since the seasons change and autumn turns into winter you may learn to notice that your roof is sprouting leaks that you weren’t aware of. This kind of is a hard way to learn that your commercial roof is not in as good of condition as you once thought. By neglecting to get regular preventative maintenance and roof repairs you are now required to pay for costly emergency fixes that could have recently been prevented in the first place. By scheduling regular maintenance and repairs for your commercial roof, you will get small leaks patched before they become large and this subsequently will improve the life of your roof top which will save you profit the long run. roof repairs Geelong

Metal roof systems have become more and more popular yearly due to numerous advantages they offer. Metal attics provides a long long lasting, durable, light weight yet versatile choice that requires little to no maintenance on your part. Precisely more, they can help with reducing energy costs. Metal roofs have recently been known to last up to 5 decades or more and numerous manufacturers will give you a guarantee which includes repairs for up to 10 years. Diverse types of metal roof structure systems include copper, prefab steel and zinc. 

If perhaps you are one of the numerous companies that is going the “green” route then choosing a solar roofing system may be just the option you have been looking for. Typical choices for solar roofs are Solyndra, Thin Film Laminates and Crystalline and each include their own benefits but all come with extended warranties as high as 25 years.

Large roofing is gaining in popularity as well and this choice would bring an aesthetically pleasing look to your business. Some of the most frequent varieties of this type of roof are shingles, tiles and slate. Shingles are an monetary yet durable choice that may last 20 or more years. Even greater, replacing absent or broken shingles over the life-span of your roof is a fairly easy activity to perform. Tile attics are also a very durable choice and they can prolong living of your roof for up to 5 decades.

Level roofs are probably the most famous of all commercial roof top systems and the most frequent selections are PVC, TPO and EPDM. They are all inexpensive yet durable solutions and come with a guarantee from 10-30 years depending on type you choose. On the other hand, with proper preventative maintenance and general roof maintenance, that warrantee period can last far beyond the original expectancy.

Having regular maintenance and repairs performed on your commercial roof structure, regardless of the type, is vital to maintaining it well beyond the expected life. What’s more, these regular visits can also save you thousands on emergency leak repairs and more importantly they will ensure the safety of your patrons and employees. A little time and money upfront will safe you hours of unhappiness later.

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