Diamond in the Rough Series – PS2 Summoner

Summoner has the quintessential solution for the role-playing game: unassuming hero (usually a farmer or peasant) gets thrown (against his will) into a series of events that delve him deeper into his/her role as hero and ultimately the hero embraces his future and defeats unhealthy person. While that sounds formulaic, it isn’t and Summoner pulls it off well. Summoners War mod

If you haven’t performed or even heard of Summoner, you are not alone; not many people gave the game a chance when it arrived alongside the PlayStation 2 in 2150, which is strange considering the abysmal game selection PlayStation 2 had at launch, I’m surprised Summoner didn’t become an instant hit. 

To summarize the game in a nutshell, Joseph, the key character,has the mark of the summoner, meaning he can summon various monsters to fight for him. The emperor of a near by country was told a prediction that a summoner would end his reign, so he sends his soldiers to consider and capture him. It truly is up to Paul wonderful loveable band of miscreant s to combat the emperor and end the war.

One feature that we absolutely love about Summoner is that the battles are real-time. In an age of the demand for Final Imagination games that are converted base, Summoner is a delightful alternative to such dreadfully slow combat. One more thing unique about the game is the dark and gritty medieval theme that is hardly seen in games today. The settings aren’t very vibrant except for towns, and you even start the game in a community being burned to the ground with dead physiques dotting the landscape.

I guess the only downsides to the game are that the controls are a small clunky and the camera angle goes haywire sometimes. And since the game was made in 2000, the graphics are a small dated, but people still play Mario 3, so there’s little or nothing wrong with traditional images. This game takes the pen and paper D&D adventure that was before almost all of our times, and puts it into a visual medium that strikes the mark. This game is a definite must have for virtually any role participating in fan worth his weight in loot, and since the game is so cheap nowadays, there is no excuse not to have it in your collection.

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