FDA Reports That Deaths From Contaminated Heparin May Be More Than Triple Previous Estimates

The FDA has come frontward stating that 62 fatalities have recently been linked to the blood-thinning drug, Heparin. This new estimate is practically triple the 19 deaths reported in March of 2008. Reports have also shown that many figures of Americans have experienced severe reactions to the drug including extreme drops in blood pressure, diarrhea, and vomiting. The medication, which is generally used in patients with center problems and those starting surgery, is believed to be contaminated with man-made oversulfated chondroitin. Heparin Agrose 6 Fast Flow

This poison is said to mirror chondroitin sulfate, a normally occurring substance derived from animal cartilage and used to take care of arthritis. While the FDA remains investigating the matter, it appears that the contaminated animal the fibrous connective tissue cartilage containing oversulfated chondroitin has come from unregulated mom-and-pop-pig farms in China. 

This seems that Chinese manufacturers have been the common denominator in the recent influx of dangerous imports, including contaminated toothpaste, dog food, and lead car paint toys. Much more frightening, however, is the fact that the FDA took too long to issue a quilt recall on the product. Apparently, the FDA do screen the contaminated Heparin, however tests were not superior enough to identify the chondroitin sulfate. In light of the increasing number of deaths and serious injuries associated with Heparin use, the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION has finally developed a test to catch pollutants before they are brought in and employed in American clinics.

Unfortunately, until Americans speak up against dangerous drugs and loose regulations regarding foreign imports, the fatalities and illnesses will continue. There appears to be an moon like silence from the American people who were more outraged at the possible shortage of flu photographs than they are regarding contaminated Heparin. If we continue to sit back again and silently consume these products, the purpose will never get across that individuals demand more for our money and for the security of our families.

In the meantime, families that believe Heparin may be in charge of the death or illness of a liked one should immediately obtain all medical records and contact an legal professional who handles drug recalls and defective product lawsuits. That is also recommended that damaged individuals document any side effects or accidents they have experienced while taking Heparin. If possible, take pictures, write in a journal or keep an online blog going to get the word away. And finally, don’t be afraid to inquire questions. Consumers have contacted our organization out of sheer attention to see if Heparin may have contributed to the losing of their loved one. It’s OK to ask questions. It’s OK to be concerned. You are worthy of peace of mind even if Heparin was not to blame.

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