Feng Shui in the Classroom: Power Position for Teachers

The power position for teachers is crucial for effective classroom management. The teacher must have control of the class from the first day of school for a successful year for the teacher and the students. Locating the power position is used often in business meetings. Donald Trump always had the power position because his back was to a solid wall and his back was supported by his oversized chair. Feng Shui philosophy believes there are certain factors to create a power position in any environment.

The teacher should never have their back to the students. While teaching a class and using the blackboard, write on an angle to have a full view of the classroom. Overheads are becoming popular, and we this instructional tool, the teacher will not have their back to the students.

It is not ideal for teachers to wander up and down the aisles while giving instructions because the students who are behind the teacher become distracted and zone out.

The teacher’s desk should be located in the furthest corner from the door. This position gives the teacher an excellent view of the class and when guests are entering the classroom.

The teacher should support her back as often as possible. The teacher has greater control when a solid wall is behind them. No students are able to come up from behind, making the teacher lose their train of thought with other students or guests in the classroom.

The teacher when outside of the classroom should follow the same guidelines. The teacher should be supported at all times and be in a position for them to see all the students and the entry ways into each room.

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