Getting a Close Shave and How to Avoid Shaving Rash

When you’ve ever tried to get rid of your legs or sting bikini area and got a shaving rash then you can understand the soreness you can go through. I used to get these rashes and humps whenever I took a razor to my body. Eventually I got provided up of this pain and decided to do a little research and experimentation to try to reduce my chances of getting the rash and nasty bumps from ingrowing hairs. how to get rid of razor bump scars

Throughout time We tried numerous pieces of advice and items and different techniques that We thought might work. A lot of of these ideas were great and really helped but quite often the advice was wrong, the technique didn’t work or the equipment just has not been suitable for the things i wanted it to do. But after much research and fine tuning of these tips I was able to get a routine down that almost completely avoid the saving rash and bumps and I’m now going to share this along.


Most people, when they think about shaving, will just pick up the razor and start cracking away at their skin area. Whether it is their legs or bikini area they are highly more likely to get skin area irritation. What many people don’t realise is that preparation is the key.

Before you even consider going for a razor to your body you want to trim down plenty of locks with a pair of scissors to a duration of 1/4 inch. This kind of means that your shaver wont get as blocked, you can shave faster and you reduce the risk of ingrowing frizzy hair.

The next step in the preparation is to wet the hair and skin and leave for a few minutes. This is certainly fine if you’re in the shower or bathroom because it will just happen naturally. By allowing your hair get extensively wet you are making in more supple and generally much easier to shave.

As soon as your hair has had a chance to absorb some water it is now time to exfoliate. My spouse and i would recommend an the peeling off glove with some body scrub however you can use whatever you wish. Exfoliation takes away the dead skin from the surface which allows the razor to do a closer shave. That also means that the razor wont get back logged up with dead pores and skin cells when it gets near the area.


Nowadays it’s time for the shaving itself. This initial thing you want to do here is to put on some thick saving gel/cream to make a smooth surface for the razor to glide over. If you have run out of shaving cream hair conditioner works just as well.

Once you aren’t lathered up then you can learn to shave with a clean sharp knife, if it is uninteresting then you’re going to nick your skin but it will surely injure. If you are doing your legs you will need to start out at your ankles and work up your leg. For myself working in 6 in segments work best but for others one long stroke to the ” leg ” works best for them. This can be something you will simply have to experiment with for yourself. Remember to wash your razor regularly to de-clog it.

If you decide to trim your bikini area then be sure to are by using a body trimmer with a dedicated trimmer setting up as this will help to keep everything even. If you’re going for a Brazilian look or landing strip then you will have to start out waxing against the grain and then perform a side to side motion. This is because the head of hair grows in several habits in the bikini area which is the best way to get every hair. For hard to reach places you can get started by by using a hand mirror and then with practice you can just use your fingers to check for virtually any missed hairs, with practice you’ll soon be able to do it rapidly. Again, be certain to rinse often and if necessary apply more trimming cream.

After Attention

To avoid razor burn immediately apply baby powder to the area(s) you have shaved. This helps to reduce friction and keep the skin’s natural skin oils locked so that it won’t dry as much. The baby powder doesn’t need to be anything elegant, a typical talc will do.

About two hours later is the best time to apply moisturizer. You skin has already established time to recover from the close shave and is ready to receive some additional moisture. I’ve found that any old moisturizer will do so if discover a particular brand that you like then go ahead and use that one. I would recommend staying away from highly perfumed brands as this may tend to make your skin irritable after having a close shave.

I actually also don’t shave every day but that’s because my hair is fairly light and doesn’t grow that quickly. In case your hair is coarse and dark and you need to peal everyday then that’s fine, just follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine. If perhaps, however, you’re like me personally and also have light slow growing hair then if you moisturize everyday you’ll keep the hair soft and supple. Using this method I’ve found that I only need to shave a few of times a week.

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