Help! My Windows XP Does Not Shut Down! Fix XP Shut Down Issue

For anyone who is among the huge group of folks who experience arrêt problems in their Home windows XP and sit for long minutes looking at their PC and watch for system to shut down and are looking for solution to the challenge ‘Windows 7 does not shut down’, then you are at right destination to get particular way to your problem. This generally is really because Windows waits till all the services stop after they have been informed about system shut down (after user provides the close down command. Apart from this, Or windows several waits for timeout before killing the open applications. The problem of can be solved by making changes in several of the settings.

You can improve some values in windows registry by using ‘Registry Editor’. Go to get started on and Operate, type ‘regedit’ to trigger this or simply press ‘Windows + R’ control keys. You are able to reduce waiting time to kill persistent services if your Windows VISTA does not shut down. Comment obtenir de l’aide dans windows 10

Navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control’. Doubleclick on button ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeout’ in right pane and change default value (20000) to 5000. When this time expires, user is alerted by system that service is not stopping and user can force it to stop/ wait. 
Minimizing wait time of applications and user processes to be killed by changing ‘WaitToKillAppTimeout’ setting also helps. Navigate to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop’ and double-click on ‘WaitToKillAppTimeout’ and alter default value (20000) to 5000. Once this time expires, ‘End Task’ box occurs display screen that allows user to finish task.
Double-click on ‘HungAppTimeout’ and change default value(5000) to 1000. It identifies moment for which system is waiting to get rid of user processes after user gives ‘End Task’ command.
Go to ‘HKEY_USERS\. DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\ registry branch’ and repeat above steps.
You can even control system to automatically eliminate processes/ tasks/ applications when user gives shutdown order. Change registry key ‘AutoEndTasks’ value to 1 and Windows would automatically eliminate running applications without consumer input. Navigate to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop registry branch’.
In the event still `Windows XP will not shut downs, which is actually very irritating especially at times when you are in urgency, then there are other things you must try.

See if any program has been recently removed from the body.
Try closed down/ restart in safe mode
Look id there is some issue with device driver using ‘Device Manager’
Use ‘System restore’ to restore Windows 7 till last good operation
Repair or windows six installation by upgrading
Verify CMOS/BIOS settings
Check if hard disk/ file system are not broken
My spouse and i believe your ‘Windows VISTA does not shut downs’ gets sorted after you try these tips.

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