History Of Paper Cups

Newspaper cups are an crucial part of our lives. They are being used everywhere – on trains, in institutions, in offices and at hospitals. The exact beginnings of paper cups seem to be to be unknown, but records say that around the start of the 1900s, paper cups gained popularity. The popularity of the products can be linked to the changing ideas of health. muffin cup making machine

Long before, people were drinking normal water from barrels put in public spaces by using an immobile glass. Individuals were sharing cups or glasses to drink water. Early in the 20th century, it was common to have distributed glasses or dippers at water sources such as school faucets or drinking water barrels in trains. This kind of shared use caused public well-being concerns. With the breakthroughs in medical science, during this period, people started out to realise that posting the same mugs, dishes and barrels also intended sharing germs. 

There was a purpose to stop people using shared plastic mugs today and allow them to drink fresh water without getting infected by others. This thought lead to the development of newspaper cups.

In 1907, Lawrence Luellen developed what is today referred to as Dixie Cup to help improve public hygiene. This individual then designed a water-vending machine with disposable mugs as a part of educating the public about the harms of showing drinking glasses. Because of this Dixie Cups were formerly called “health kups”. During the great American flu epidemic of 1918 paper cups rapidly progressed in popularity as showing ordinary glasses increased the chances of getting contaminated.

The style behind the use of this product has undergone radical changes at any time since. From health approaches to everyday use object, the standard product has become an integral part of our life. Today thousands of them have recently been made for our convenience. They allow us to have tea, sodas and other beverages on the run.

In social gatherings such cups and related products are a common sight. They may be easy to dispose of when the party ends and you simply don’t have to worry about cleaning a multitude of glasses and mugs.

Types of Newspaper Glasses

There are many types of paper mugs. There are cups that are exclusively designed to serve cold beverages in. They often times have a waxy coating inside to keep it from becoming soaked and collapsing. Hot glasses are another popular different. These products come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Hot cups are designed to hold hot beverages such as espresso, tea or hot candy. They can be insulated to help keep beverages warm. Right now they also come with sleeves which are slid onto the cup to help prevent fingers from getting burned by the heat of the drink.

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