Home Sellers – What Agents Aren’t Telling You About Home Staging Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

I think passionately that every property, irrespective of location, size or price, benefits from some degree of home holding. After all, home holding, simply stated, is the process of preparing a property for sale. Depending on the current condition of the property, this can include editing, cleaning and window washing, portrait, removal of carpeting, floor work, repairs, staging and showcasing with the homeowners’ furnishings and/or rental or newly purchased items.

But it continues to astonish me that some real estate agents still don’t fully understand the value of home holding all their properties – surely it’s their responsibility to their clients to symbolize their best financial interests. But many still don’t even bring up the topic of setting up because: Des Res London

they are scared of upsetting their clients;

they can’t say for sure how or when to introduce the topic of staging;

they truly don’t understand the great things about staging and the costs of not holding. 
Sorry, but forget about standard excuses! Fear or deficiencies in understanding is merely not an suitable reason for not handling important home staging issues with sellers. Agents need to stop considering home staging as a “negative” topic. Of course if agents present home workplace set ups in a negative way, sellers are going to react accordingly. Instead, we recommend that home holding is introduced as a fundamental element of a winning marketing strategy. Agents may offer their clients a professional home setting up consultation with their professional home stager as a worth added service. This kind of is the simplest way for an agent to bring in home staging to their clients. We are the experts and we realize that home staging is rather than an expense but the best short-term investment a home seller can make.

Professional home stagers know that home staging works, but the best indicators are proven for the unstaged listing has lingered for months without selling. The agent loses the real estate for lack of success, which is unfortunate for the agent, of course. But what is even more unfortunate is the significant financial loss endured by the home owner. Monthly carrying costs for mortgages, taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, etc. are a burden for some homeowners. The moment a property doesn’t sell these are true expenditures and represent significant loss in the tens of thousands of dollars. And this does not even range from the ramifications of the emotional distress!

The quantifiable great things about home staging are demonstrated when the vendor signs with a brand new agent, who asserts that the only way they can sell to get the best dollar is to “stage. ” Time and time again, these listings sell quickly once they have been professionally staged and re-listed with the new agent. Unfortunately, by then months and thousands of dollars have been lost.

Just think about the procedure in conditions of Financial Theory 101. An businessman is around to launch a new product into a highly competitive market, but the product is ruined and the packaging is dated and unattractive. What is the only way that product will sell (if at all)?…. at a DISCOUNT of course. And for home owners selling their most valuable asset, this discount, calculated and compounded with increased carrying costs, represents significant financial reduction that they will never be able to earn back. Savvy agents will not likely risk this because they know they should do precisely what is best for all their clients. Which includes small and large properties, owner busy and vacant, high-end and less expensive ones too, because every seller justifies the possibility to sell for a lot of money as quickly as possible.

Home staging has quit to be an option. Never before have business presentation and condition been as important to someone buy of real estate because they are today. Just about every home seller deserves to get the best marketing advice for the sales of their most beneficial advantage and the marketing process needs to commence with a comprehensive and complete home staging consultation. If perhaps your agent is not advising one to home stage your property to accomplish a profitable and quick sale (and occasionally to offer at all) they are not saving you money. They are loss of tens of thousands of dollars, and maybe even more!

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