How Many Years Should My Gas Boiler Last Before It Needs Replacing?

This can be a very common question that gets asked many times, but it’s not that easy to reply to.

Once you speak to the gas boiler manufacturers you are likely to get a different answer whenever depending on who you speak too, some think, that you should get around a decade, even more depending how it has been seemed after and is used. centrale termice

The boiler of old would last anywhere from 15 to 40 years before completely to be replaced, there was very little that could go incorrect, the most frequent repair was changing the thermal coupling that kept the pilot drop.

They would burn away overtime and had to be replaced, a simple and cheap repair to undertake. 

Modern-day gas boiler is so much different from the gas boiler of old. You have small personal computers (PCBs) built in to the boilers to determine how they work. You also have water and air pressure switches that send signals to the PCB telling it to get started on the ignition sequence and start, and many more other devises that speak to the PCB.

The boiler of old has not been very efficient with around 40% of your gas bill being lost through the boiler flue. We now have boilers that work at around 90% give or require a little either way. That is a huge keeping on the gas expenses, but also significantly better for the environment as well.

With all new central heating boiler they must be maintained with an twelve-monthly service to keep them working and efficient, without the twelve-monthly service they will eventually start costing you more money in running costs and may even malfunction.

The gas boiler of has very small drinking water ways in hot weather exchanger, whereas the furnace of old had very big water ways, therefore the water could flow through quickly and heat your hot water and radiator units. Among the most frequent problems now with gas boilers is the heat exchanger gets blocked with sludge and the boiler stops working, a very expensive repair.

It is very important and also a legislation that many gas boiler installed is flushed out and cleaned, once clean, then an inhibitor should be included in stop any sludge build-up within the system and heat exchanger. Once the service is transported out the inhibitor should be checked and lead if needed.

Many of the boilers that are installed now have a long warrantee which is subject to an gross annual service being carried away and recorded in the benchmark book supplied with the new gas central heating boiler. Should the boiler not be maintained then in many circumstances the warrantee may become void?

Now back to the key question, how many years should my central heating boiler last? Any boiler, whatever make or model, should if maintained annually should last around 15 years, a gas boiler kept un-maintained, if you are lucky around 5-6 years.

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