How To Fix a Freezer Which Isn’t Freezing

If you’ve got an concern with your fridge fridge not working appropriately anticipated to it not abnormally cold, or it failing to reach the best temperature, there is no reason why you can not repair rather than replace the freezer yourself.

To offer you a helping hand, below you’ll find advice on the 5 most common faults in relation to your refrigerator not freezing, details of some of the less common faults and more importantly guidance how to repair your freezer.

Points You Need To Find out With regards to your Freezer:

Before you can get started to diagnose your freezer, there are many things we recommend you’re familiar with – including the heat your freezer should be at, and the value to help keep your freezer in the proper location – as these could possibly be the reason your refrigerator isn’t freezing.

Correct Temp To your Freezer:

The ideal temperature for your freezer is -18? C. By having your refrigerator at the correct heat not only will you help keep the food safe by preserving nutrients and slowing the enzymes in your food, but it will also assist in preventing the expansion of bacteria.

Testing your freezer’s temperature is comparatively uncomplicated. Simply place a deep freeze thermometer between two carriers of vegetables in the freezer and leave this for a couple of hours, before checking.

Area of Freezer:

The place of your freezer can make all the difference to how well your product performs. If it is put in an area which is too hot or too cold, the freezer will be required to work harder to be at the correct temperatures which can cause flaws developing.

To give you an improved idea of best places to keep your freezer you should check the weather class of your machine. This will provide advice to the minimum and maximum temperature your equipment should be exposed to, and the climate classes offered are as comes after…

– N – least temperature = 16? C, maximum temperature = thirty-two? C
– SN – minimum temperature = 15? C, maximum temperature sama dengan 32? C
– STREET – minimum temperature sama dengan 18? C, maximum heat = 38? C
– T – minimum temp = 18? C, maximum temperature = 43? C

As a rule of thumb, we would also suggest you may not place your freezer directly next to the cooker or in view of direct sunshine, as this can reveal the appliance to expanded heat, resulting in it having to work harder.

5 Reasons Your Refrigerator Might not be Cooling:

Understandably, if your freezer isn’t holding effectively you’ll be worried – particularly as discover a good chance your food can spoil. However the cause for your deep freeze not freezing could be not at all hard, and below are the 5 common reasons for such a wrong doing.

Condenser Coils Are Filthy:

Ideally the condenser shelves on your freezer should be cleaned every half a dozen months. This is because, if they are extremely dirty they won’t be able to dissipate the heat effectively, which will decrease the cooling capacity of your freezer.

Washing the condenser coils is a relatively simple job, which involves running the vacuum hose over the coils to lift off and away any dirt and grime that could be clogging them up.

Evaporator Fan Motor Wrong doing:

The evaporator fan electric motor draws air over the evaporator coils and rises it of our own freezer, if this basically working your freezer will not cool. You can check if the evaporator fan motor is the situation with your freezer by opening the freezer door and then manually triggering the door switch.

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