How To “Read” A Movie Trailer

Beneath, you will find a literal “worksheet” for use in watching, analyzing and understanding movie trailers. This presumes some basic understanding of film artistry, but should be mostly self-explanatory for the normal movie goer and trailer consumer. Now i am not saying learning how to “read a trailer” will make you want to see the motion pictures they promote, nevertheless the strategy should help you appreciate how much thought and labor and imagination adopts the manufacture of their preview and “sample. very well Enjoy! yesmovies



(Directions: Watch the trailers repeatedly, noting what you observe, hear and understand. Utilize worksheet to capture “data. ” Use the data to articulate an model or a reading of it. ) 

Name _____________Year_______________Length _________ Exhibition Medium__________

one particular. Formal Properties: # of acts/parts? ___________ # of Music Cues? _____________ Identify? Editing speed (cuts/second) ___________ Shot types (close, med, long, pan, still, movement, zoom in/out, and so forth ) ________________ Move types (wipe, dissolve, change, smash, etc. ) ____________ Utilization of graphic elements? _________ If you do, identify. Use of words on screen? ________ If certainly, describe and transcribe. Work with of voiceover? _______If certainly, describe and transcribe. (Diegetic or extra-diegetic? ) Can be there an onscreen number? __________ If therefore, illustrate.

Is there a players run? _________________(Is there point out of Producer, Director, Copy writer? ) Describe the subject sequence. ___________ What style of trailer is it? ___________(Featurette? TV Spot, Internet? Cellular phone; Long Trailer; re-release; DVD AND BLU-RAY, Standard theatrical; teaser, follow up; special shoot, etc? ) Story Presentation: _____________ (Linear? Non-Linear? )

2. By simply content: What is the story? (as far as you can tell). What diegetic appeals does it make? _______(Stars? Spectacle? Genre? Story? Technology? )

3. What extra diegetic (outside the film text) appeal can it make to an audience? _________ (Provenance, Important Reception, Audience response/box office figures, technology)

4. What film craft/specialized skills are most salient? Editing___________________ Copywriting_________ Music Librarian__________Graphic design__________ Marketplace Research_________Sound design____________ Acting/Directing/Cinematography/FX (of film itself)_________

5. Advertising Issues: Who ARE the audiences presumed by the trailer makers? __________ What is the relationship of the trailer to the film it markets? (Descriptive? Impressionistic? Accurate? Deceptive? Hiding? Tell All? Etc. ) ____________ What appears to be the “marketing brief” that produced this truck? ___________ Is this movie trailer effective? If so, why? __________________ In what ways performs this trailer neglect the mark? _____________

6th. Exhibition Technology: Aspect percentage and destined exhibition venue_______ (wide screen? Letterbox? & Mobile/Ipod? Ipad? TV, Display screen? ) ________

7. Music and Sound Design What are the music signs? How do they help structure the trailer? What information do they express? (Rhythm, mood, lyrical content? ) Consider the audio design and sound results. What do they let you know about structure and mood?

almost eight. Miscellaneous: What do you know about the film’s reception? (Box Office results? Context? Critical response? ) What is the shade or attitude of the trailer? ______________ So what do you like (or dislike) concerning this trailer? _________ Why? ________________

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