Joints That Are Used In Various Wood Furniture Plans

There are many of joints used to generate furniture made out of wood. Many are simple and others complex. The kind of joint you use to hook up the pieces of wood together has a lot to do with the furniture piece you are building. Some of the more complex articulations will give you the strength you will need in the piece to make it last much longer and function since it is meant to. High grade wood furniture plans will help you make the right choice when time to pick the best joint to be used in your wood furniture project. Permit us consider some of the different types of real wood joints that could be used in your next wood furniture project. indonesian furniture

you. Mortise and Tenon Joint – The mortise and tenon joint is a complex joint and therefore can be time-consuming to build. The tenon or stub is inserted in to the mortise, the hole. The connecting pieces are usually square or rectangular in condition and ideally should fit perfectly. These articulations are usually employed in such pieces of wood furniture like a bed shape or outdoor bench. The joint is usually strengthened with the application of various types of real wood glue.

2. Miter Joint – This wood joint ifuri one of the simpler to construct. The ends of the two pieces of wood to be joined together are cut a forty-five level angles and joined at these angles. This is well known as to be a weak joint but can be built quickly. This joint if frequently used to make picture frames or windowpane frames. Sometimes a spline is employed to strengthen this joint.

3, Box Joint – This is one of the easiest solid wood joints to set up. If protecting time is a concern, then the box joint could be used. This kind of joint involves positioning the ends of the solid wood you want to hook up at right angles and fastening them together with screws or nails.

4. Dovetail Joint – This kind of type of joint is one of the more complex and therefore will take time to build. It involves interlocking hands that are angular in shape. These joint use various types of solid wood glue to give more strength. It is sometimes used in the construction of cupboards, dressers and chest of drawers.

There are many types of joints that are being used in various solid wood furniture plans. Using proven wood furniture plans will help you choose the best joint in your next woodworking project.

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