Madrid: Making Friends in the Streets

Between the world’s most famous capitol cities, and with a formidable reputation for its hard-partying, life-loving residents, Madrid sits prone to negative travellers worried that Spain’s capital couldn’t possibly live up to the reward regularly heaped after it. Also to a certain level these concerns are justified- it’s tough for any renowned city to live up to the idealized image surrounding it. That is doubly true with a city like Madrid, a city that’s been charged of excess hype considering that the day the Lost Era decided they couldn’t spend all of their time in Paris. pictures of madrid

I experienced love at first look once i visited Madrid and even I had occasions where metropolis let me personally down. However, thinking returning to those occasions when This town didn’t quite amaze myself, I quickly realized their common thread- I believed let down whenever I actually attempted to explore the location alone. 

Sure, I got some good times going to Madrid’s incredible art museums and took some great photographs posing with an obese Spiderman impersonator who was working the locations in Plaza Mayor, but Madrid isn’t the type of city you can fully appreciate on your own. Madrid is by nature an intensely interpersonal city. If you want to get the most out of its varied streets, you’ll need to explore them with friends.

And thankfully, Madrid is a great destination to interact socially.

Spanish Sushi and the Growing Table

I understood exactly one person in Madrid once i visited, a friend from senior high school who was a couple weeks into a year-long period teaching English in The country of spain. I met plan her on a Friday day and our long lunchtime hinted at the transformative effect travelling in a tiny crowd will have on your activities in This town.

Here’s the thing- I had developed a good-enough time resting by myself eating a traditional dish of beef roasts suckling pig at Polaina, Madrid’s oldest and most famous restaurant; but We had a much better time having lunch with a tiny selection of English professors and locals at an all-you-can-eat sushi joint found in an obscure corner of the city. The uncooked fish and seaweed greens chugged along on a conveyor belt to my left as to my right our party broadened exponentially, increasing the and more chairs and area tables to accommodate the seemingly endless stream of new friends joining all of us as the hours of sucking down brined shaver clams stretched on. Each of our in the beginning select few concluded up totaling over a dozen and by the end of our food the table we began with reached out and eventually shifted into a pronounced “L” condition in order to keep the aisles clear while providing seating for all of us.

This social design repeated itself over and over again through the next couple of days- a number of us met up and soon enough found yourself joined by another small group and then another and another until we formed our very own miniature mafia of well-meaning hedonists, and with each new addition to our group my appreciation of Madrid progressed greater and greater.

Today, some individuals won’t find the above mentioned “transformation” particularly surprising. In fact, a lot of people say you aren’t actually enjoy any city unless of course you’re hanging out with others. There’s some fact to this statement but it’s a little too far-reaching to square with my travel experiences. We have been plenty of places on my own collectively an exceptional time, and there are even certain occasions when you’re from the open road where you need to be alone to truly enjoy yourself.

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