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If you have been moving into a cave the past several years, you are certainly familiar with the name Google. Not only has Google pioneered many of the best search engine technologies available on the net, the company has become a powerhouse in many different facets of information exchange.

Breaking news on Google is something the California based company was not expected to enter into when it was shaped. Actually, not many people could have predicted the stratospheric rise of the business. Nevertheless sure enough, breaking information on Google is in and well. Back in April of 2002, Yahoo first started breaking reports.

If you are active, as almost all of us are, you can automate your updatesInline image 1 of breaking information on Google. Special e mail alerts can be expected to enable you to always be educated if something newsworthy happens. In addition, Googlites can completely customize that they want to receive breaking reports on Google. Each area of news can be added or removed as desired. For example, if you are like me and your life revolves around sports, you can have Google drop you every major sports story that emerges.

Breaking news on Google is also smart. Google will remember what articles or features you have looked at and suggest news that might interest you based on your past viewing practices. It is always nice to acquire interesting headlines ready to be read when you log on.

Presently there have been criticisms about Google’s handling of major news, however, these criticisms have been rare. In a single case Yahoo was blasted for censoring news regarding China. In a sense they were playing media control with the Chinese government. Yahoo representatives defended their decision by saying that they would respect the wants of the Chinese authorities. Another case involved including a white supremacist mag. Mounting pressure caused the business to remove the publication from the service.

Ignoring news on the search engines is a valuable service. Despite a few complaints, the number of users who find it an excellent service greatly outweighs those who do not. In case you have not checked out breaking information on Google, you should get over there while the iron is still hot.

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