Reasons to Retire in Thailand: Beaches

You will find 220, 000 miles of coastline in the world. What’s so special about Thailand’s 3, 000?

To get one thing, all 3 thousand of those kilometers are in Thailand! And let’s face it, once your daily dose of sand and water has put you in high spirits you have to come back to the normal world. And the ‘world’ of Thailand is one of the most delightful on the globe. Plage thailande

Rather than trying cover most of Thailand’s hundreds of beaches let’s give attention to one which has a famous name but whose many charms are surprisingly little known. But if you aren’t considering retiring to a Thai beach remember: our example is one of hundreds. 

Just off the southwestern coast of Asia in the Andaman Marine lies the “Pearl of the South”, arguably the world’s most beautiful, and Thailand’s most significant island, Phuket. Phuket is divided lengthwise by a mountain range extending the length of the western coast, all fringed by wide, sand beaches. Away from the beaches and mountains Phuket is rather flat with rich green tropical hillsides and valleys. At about 200 square miles, it can almost the same size as local Singapore, yet the cultures could scarcely be more different!

Weather conditions is the next biggie for expats considering shedding out of your rat race and dropping directly into beach life. Phuket’s weather is hot and humid almost all of the year, with November-January providing a break, bringing cool weather and nights. Phuket’s weather is influenced typically by the direction of the monsoon winds. Once the northeast winds start in November they bring the end of the rainy season. The cool season is the best time of year to go to Phuket. There is tons of blue sky, little rain, low humidity and the temperatures are perfectly hot. Understandably, it’s Phuket’s high season for site visitors.

Experienced travelers agree that the island’s southern shorelines are a couple of the best-if not the best-on earth. In addition to its brilliant-white beaches and amethyst lakes, Phuket posseses an asset that many tourists miss: one of the oldest, biggest, and most diverse ethnicity and ethnic mixes in Thailand. Over the hundreds of years great stream of migrant workers is here from the mainland, China, Vietnam and Malaysia, along with shipwrecked sailors and intrepid travelers from 80 countries.

They already have cooked up a tornado of dishes featuring Phuket’s abundant, fresh-daily seafood. Generally there is even Portuguese impact in the fried meals, Dutch/Indonesian, and Chinese seaside provincial dishes which may have recently been subtly altered to allow for local ingredients. Southern Thailand’s dishes dominates, of course, however the rich coconut-milk based curries adapt equally well to accommodate Malaysian recipes. Even retirees’ famously picky palates will be endlessly entertained in Phuket’s hundreds of cafes. And i also more than likely be doing my responsibility as a retirement hunt if I failed to remind you that a major bottle of cold, clean Singha beer, served at your table, will established you back $2. 40

There are, by my count, 62 primary old age locations in Thailand each of which–depending on personal preferences–can be an earthly Paradise for someone. Phuket is merely one.

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