SEO Blog Post – Applying SEO Blog Tips

During consulting or blog creation it’s important to stress to clients that an SEO Blog Post is the cornerstone of creating traffic in the content network. Learning to apply SEO Blog Tips needs to become routine if the goal is to increase visibility on the internet business world. referencement wordpress

3 Steps To Stick to

Related to article marketing you want to get started on with the keyword or phrase people will be entering into the search engines to obtain the information you want to talk about.

1. Make use of your selected keyword search tool and look at your competition
2. Write your post on your computer where it is usually edited
3. Post on your blog using proven SEO strategies

Once you’ve found a keyword phrase dig a little deeper to see if there are other phrases that are less competitive. Remember, it’s much better to reach page one with an article than it will be for your blog post because the article sites are actually popular.

Content Structure

Once again the same SEO way of article marketing is applicable to your blog:

– Keyword phrase in your name
– Keyword key phrase in the first word and closing paragraph
– Don’t overuse the key phrase phrase (stuffing)

If you are by using a word processing program you will want to cut and paste the content to a plain text editor tool like notepad in order that it can be pasted straight into your blog. To speed up the method you can have the keywords or tags already listed and separated by commas to enable them to be trim and pasted.

Tips Intended for Final Publishing

If you are properly prepared the publishing process is quick and easy but it could be helpful to use this checklist:

one particular. Use bold and italics for the keyword in the first word
2. Create a text website link from that same key phrase to a new post or website
3. Always try to invite comments and encourage sharing
4. Use Almost all In One SEO WordPress plugin for WordPress Blogs
5. Carefully choose the tags (keywords)
6. Select the appropriate categories (or create them)
7. Include theme based meta data and excerpt

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