SEO: The Power Foundation

Devoid of SEO, what do you think you’re building with?

I’ve never seen a building that was built from the top down. I know that seems ridiculous, but that is precisely the way many website owners think they can build one. All of us spend hours and times trying to get traffic to our sites without building from the start up! Unless the basis is laid, there’s nothing at all that you can drive a nail into.

We’ve done from article distribution to social media to videos, to drive traffic to my sites and get a higher page rank. Guess what happened? Incredibly little! get 40% massive discount on kontent machine 4

Then, I made the decision to do SEO on two sites, but never really did anything different to get traffic… We did nothing of any consequence on these sites like I did with the others and yet, I started seeing a higher page ranking! 

SEO is the absolute most powerful thing you can do to build the foundation of any website!

When I checked again on these two sites months later, I didn’t want to assume that one site a new page rank of 2! A Page get ranking of 2 and I actually never added any more content, added no longer links, had made NO changes whatsoever and yet These types of days had a Webpage Rank 2! Do you really see the power of SEO?

Even if you have a site that is ranking, but have not fully done the SEO on all pages of the internet site, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much difference it makes. It may take you up 2 or more web page ranks rapidly.

What’s the real reason most people don’t want to do SEO?

Simple… it’s work and it is complicated to bear in mind every little detail that needs to be done to have it perfect! Whenever it’s complicated and can take too much effort, almost all of us just don’t do it!

If I said that to you there is a fairly easy way to do a great job and get your web or blog pages totally optimized so the search engines just love your site, would that sensible good to you? That sure did to myself, but that isn’t what really got me fired up about using SEO to increase my rankings.

I bought a pricey SEO suite of seo tools for my html sites and it requires a frequent monthly cost to use. I despise monthly fees!

Well, if you use WordPress styles for your websites or websites, which you should, then this plugin for SEO will absolutely be the best news for you since “sliced bakery! ” (In fact, Now i’m using it right now as I write this content! ) Every time My spouse and i increase the article, I simply save the draft and look at my SEO score on the right SEO pressor score container!

I know exactly how the SEO spiders will look at my webpage. It even does many tasks for me automatically, like bold my keywords, italicize my keywords and underline my keywords, without me having to lift up a finger!

It’s like having a SEO professional walking me through “every step” of my article, so I get it good! It is without a doubt, one of the extremely best beliefs I’ve spent money on since starting in this business!

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