Soft Washing Roof Cleaning

The top of your home or property, can be a major contributor to the overall cosmetic charm of a home or property. If your roofing essence is dirty and wrack ridden, it can unconscious make people think your home is dirt or neglected. roof cleaning Geelong

Rooftops are commonly constructed from either clay roof floor tiles, metal sheeting, cedar rattles or most commonly concrete shingles. All of these substrates have different characteristics and need to be clean and restored different. However the correct method to cleaning these roofing materials is to use the most minimal pressure or power water cleaning as possible. Excessive high pressure water cleaning of roofing materials can be extremely harmful to a roof, especially the most frequent type, asphalt shingles. 

Asphalt shingles include a limestone filler which acts by both reflecting the sun’s super violet rays in the warmer, summer months and also it retains high temperature and warmth inside the home during the chiller or winter months. Extreme power washing can certainly shift these limestone fillers, leading to increased cooling and heating energy costs. That can also lead to premature replacement of a roof.

A roof should last up to 25-40 years, however many attics are being replaced as early as 15 years or even 10 years due to improper maintenance or lack of maintenance altogether. That is the fault algae and other micro-organisms will actually eat the limestone filler. In the event algae, moss and parmélie are allowed to prosper on your roof, it can take over creating havoc and run you hundreds of dollars in substitutes costs years before you should be incurring these kind of expenses.

A biodegradable cleaning solution applied with a specialize low pressure pump is the best option to clean up and restore all types of roofing substrates, but especially shingled roofer. You will desire an appropriate cleaning agent that will kill off these kind of micro-organisms and a surfactant needs to be added to the cleaning solution, to permit it to cling the roof and not rundown the pitch into your guttering. This is particularly important for rooftops with a steep message.

Power washing equipment is unnecessary but can be used to rinsed the merchandise off the roof, once they have done its job in killing all the spores and micro-organism expansion. Often you could just leave the answer on the roof.

Harnesses must be worn when working on any roof, a fall or fall from a roof is likely to be very harmful even fatal.

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