The Gold Eagle Coin

Yellow metal Eagle coins are a kind of coin made by the United States Mint which uses the eagle as its base-unit of denomination. They are available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz of, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz gold. The four denomination units that were used are the dollar, dime, dollar and the eagle in a system where eagle represented five dollars, ten dimes made a dollar and eight cents made up a dime. These coins were widely circulated until they were taken out of circulation in 1933. Though many people mistake them for the American Novelty helmet coins, there are a different collection of money. The American Eagle lieu is a gold bars coin that’s been used since 1987 unlike the Gold Eagle coins that stopped after 1933.¬†gold dollar coin

Diverse Productions of Gold Novelty helmet Coins 

Different years showed different types of cash that had been produced. The Unified States Mine issued:

– Quarter eagles from 1796 to 1929 (diameter 17 mm)
– Half eagles from 1795 to 1929 (21 mm)
– Double eagles from 1850 to 1933 (34 mm)
– Eagles from 1795 to 1933 (27 mm)

In 1984, West Point started issuing eagles with the same size, weight and composition that were on the coins prior to 1933. These were struck as commemorative coins to go lots of people. Although they are considered as “legal tender” just like the American Eagle gold coins, their value is much higher; therefore, they are not circulated quite as much. The content of wholesomeness and weight of the gold eagle coins was different when the gold coins were first issued.

The eagles consisted of 270 troy grains of platinum with 135 troy cause going in the 50 percent eagles and 67 half of troy grains in the quarter eagles with the weight being 1 part alloy to 11 parts gold for a total purity of twenty-two karats. Changes were made to the ratio of silver precious metal to gold in 1834. Instead of 15: you it became 16: 1while also changing the weight of the coins. The weight became 258 troy grains for the bend sinister rather than the original 270 with the same proportionate changes being made to the other coins. These types of changes stayed in place until 1933 when the coins stopped being distributed.

Collectible Gold Eagle Gold coins

There are numerous valuable gold eagle coins available from coin dealers, or maybe auctions or online old-fashioned and coin stores. One particular example is the old $10 gold Indian novelty helmet coin. The front on this coin displays an Native american indian head with the time on the bottom and 13 stars on top. The reverse of the lieu has an eagle within GOD WE TRUST on the left and Electronic PLURIBUS UNUM on the right; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the top and the denomination FIVE DOLLARS at the lower part. This coin, from early 1900s is merely one of many excellent gold skull cap coins which can be collected and saved.

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