The Seduction Kill Shot

I actually did previously play racquetball with this person. This individual was much, much better than me, and would use me as an possibility to practice various photographs. kill shot bravo hack

I remember one game where all he do was bank shots. Signifying that rather than aiming for the leading wall, he would always hit the ball off either the area wall or the limit.

Which had me participating in around like an fool, since I never really knew where the ball was going to go.

Of course, he could only get away with this because he was a few levels higher than me. If he would played somebody as effective as him, only by using a bank shot would be fatal. The other guy would be using kill shot after kill shot. 

When discussing with girls, most guys JUST use the bank shot, rather than the straight shot.

What the heck are I talking about?

Dude meets girl. Guy enjoys girl. Guy wants young lady to like him. Man does stuff hoping it will find the young lady to like him.

Here is where the bank shot comes in.

Most fellas do something that’s not really in their every day nature. Stuff like taking flowers (when they may bring their buddies flowers), going out to nice restaurants (when they UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES go to nice restaurants on the own), and speaking in kind and considerate language (when they normally curse like sailors around their buddies).

In other words, they do something they don’t normally do, hoping these “things” will generate feelings in her, and then the thoughts for those “things” will somehow get attached to the guy.

Kind of a roundabout way of doing things.

Why not go straight for the kill shot? (OK, maybe a bad metaphor, lol).

Instead of doing something that you hope will elicit those emotions, which rarely works and it is usually pretty expensive, why not merely go straight for those feelings?

Instead of strolling through all types of hoops, and hoping to get a good result, really want to go straight to the source?

The source, naturally, is her.

Instead of heading by using a elaborate set of “rituals” made to hopefully ignite some attraction, just discuss to her, to see what makes her attracted.

Speak to her and elicit those thoughts you’re shooting for anyway. Since she’s speaking with you, when thinking of those emotions, she’ll obviously associate them with you.

It doesn’t matter what your location is, what you’re wearing, or how much money you aren’t spending.

You can also do it over the phone, if that is your thing.

With the right set in place of language tools, creating those feelings in her is merely an easy conversation away.

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