Uganda – A Great Tourist Destination!

Uganda is positioned in the cardiovascular of sub-Saharan Africa and lies astride the Collar with 18% of the entire land area covered by freshwater bodies and swamps, and 12% national park systems, forests and game stores creating richly diverse g?te with lake shores, Earth river banks, and Albertine Rift Valley forests. travel to Uganda Uganda trekking holiday

Uganda offers amazing wildlife safaris, the rare mountain gorillas and cultural tourism interesting attractions found nowhere else in Africa, weaving its mean as soon as you leave the plane at the Entebbe international Airport terminal setting foot on the forested shore of pond Victoria, the second major fresh water body in the world. From Entebbe, a shorter drive brings about Kampala, london with world- category hotels and restaurants.

In Uganda you can discover the wild romantic The african continent of your dreams. Country wide park authorities have formed an Eden of creatures asylums and local people who speak excellent British are cordial hosts to a budding ecotourism industry. International quality hotels can be found in most large cities and national parks with mid-range and budget accommodation available in all main tourist centers. Hotels and restaurants serve good american food, though a larger range of local food is available. 

Bwindi Inexplicable national park with the heavily forested and thick landscape is famous for the rare mountain gorillas. The time taken to track these gorillas is unpredictable but an face of these primates is a worthwhile. The experience of spending time with and scrutinizing these delicate giants is an unusual, moving, awesome and interesting adventure that will leave you with long-lasting recollections of a truly unique experience. The gorillas are introverted and peaceful family pets in fact it is an unforgettable experience to watch and photograph them as they play and interact.

Go Uganda is also far more than gorillas. National parks such as Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls national parks protect woodland habitats with big game including elephant, zoysia, leopard, hippo, lions and a variety of parrot species. Uganda boasts of over fifty percent of the bird species found in Africa. You will see rarities like the shoe bill stork, Albertine rift endemics, aquatic wild birds, swamp dwellers, forest chickens and many more.

Top your safari adventure with a visit to the local craft shops for souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Undocumented by many travelers, you will leave with a memorable wildlife experience and you will realize that one visit to the region is not enough!

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