What Does It Mean For a Personal Injury Lawyer To Be Board Certified In Texas?

While searching for the right legal professional to take care of your accident case, you will learn that only some legal professionals advertise that they are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Yet you may be thinking what does that really mean? Certified Law

In Texas, Panel Certification means an legal professional has substantial, relevant experience in a choose field of law as well as demonstrated, and tested, special competence for the reason that arean of law. Only 10% of the 70, 000 lawyers in Texas have gained the right to call themselves a specialist in their field by reaching Board Certification. 

To become Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law, a legal professional must:

1) devote a minimum of 25% of his practice to personal injury trial law for the 3 years preceding his app;

2) try a least of ten contested court trials, five which must be personal injury instances. The legal professional must have spend twenty days in trial at least five that must have recently been personal injury trials.

3) submit at least five references (including at least one Texas judge) who have knowledge of the individual’s trial abilities, and’

4) take and complete the day-long comprehensive Table Certification exam.

In order to get re-certified (which must be done every five years), the legal professional must devote at least 25% of his/her practice to injury law and complete a total of 100 hours of carrying on legal education during the preceding five years.

The exam itself and the requirements are promulgated by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Board Documentation is a way of demonstrating a particular legal professional has taken the time to learn his arean of law and has obtained substantial experience in the field.

In Arizona, the advertising rules for attorneys prohibit your attorney00 from holding himself out as an expert in a specific are an of practice. The sole exception to this is that a legal representative who is Board Certified in a particular arean of practice may so condition in the advertisements. That is against the guidelines of ethics for your attorney00 who is not Plank Certified to claim that he is.

Consumers can locate a Board Qualified legal professional by going to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization’s website. In addition to a collection of other resources how to evaluate and choose your attorney, they maintain a set of all attorneys who are Table Certified in their various fields including contact information and a link for their website. This is a great destination to get started your search while you are looking for legal representation.

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