What Is The Prepping Lifestyle?

Can you be Already Preparing?

I am willing to gamble real cash that you aren’t already prepping , nor realize it. Let’s decide if you pass the test.

The moment you attend the grocery store store do you buy more than you need for only the next meal? If you do, you are a prepper. You are preparing for more than a sole meal. You are buying for future meals too and you are heading to store those items until needed. You are a prepper.
When one buys supplies for dishes do you really buy things that are recorded “sale” like buy one, purchase one specials? If perhaps you do, you are a prepper. prepping
When you buy supplies like bathroom paper, water in wine bottles, trash bags and other items that come in bulk quantities like situations or boxes you are buying more than your immediate need. You are a prepper. 
Do you have food in your freezer? Then you are a prepper.
Do you have food in a pantry? Then you are a prepper.
Granted, in each of these cases you are not buying huge quantities that can last a year, but you are buying more than your immediate need and preparing for the future needs. That is all prepping is.
It is not the quantity of food or supplies that you have bring again that makes you a prepper. It isn’t like you get to a payment and instantly turn into one. In reality, we all are preppers to some degree.

Now that we have that completed, let’s get into what some call “The Prepper Lifestyle”.

Take Prepping 1 stage further

Let’s take what you are already doing to the next level without breaking the bank. Here are some examples of prepping on a budget to get you started.

The supermarkets in our area are really good about working BOGOs or “Buy A single, Get One” free offers. This promotion allows you to buy an item at regular price and the get a subsequent one free. In actuality, this is a 50 percent discount on both. To get the good thing about prepping this allows you to buy 1 to eat now and the second to go into your food storage space. Easy and in some way this appears to be you are building your supplies for free.

Another campaign in our local stores is 10 for $12. That may be you buy twelve of an item for $1 each. I want to use this promotion to buy packaged or encased dinners, cans of soups, beef stew and soup.

The package and encased dinners feed 2 people each. Add a necessary protein like chicken, beef or pork and you could stretch these to feed 3 or more. Put in a canned veggie and you now give food to a family of 4 easily.

For $30 you can purchase enough to feed a couple of or small family for a month. Do this for three months and you now have enough food storage for 90 times worth of meals. You fantastic making progress now.

Careful. You are starting to live the readying lifestyle.

Living Like The Forefathers

Looking at our pioneer heritage we see why these people spent every day struggling to give food to themselves that day and still have sufficient to put back. They would put food back for themselves and the animals. I am not recommending that we all resume this lifestyle. I was saying that we can study from the way they lived their lives.

The prepping lifestyle is thinking about more than your immediate needs. Believe about the needs you have for those times when weight damage simply run to the store for something to eat. Think about the needs of your family if this particular coming away of the faucet is not fit to drink.

The prepping lifestyle is gathering for your family’s needs for when life’s emergencies happen. Weather, economical and unemployment disasters that happen sometimes.


What are you doing today to prepare? How can you live the preparing lifestyle better?

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