Where Is Islam Growing in the World?

A large number of religions claim to be the most effective growing in the world. Fastest by what measure we ask?

If we measure the growth rate of a religion by the quantity of new adherents in specific timeframe, than we should also know the underlying data, and the formulae to determine the growth rate. Expansion can be measured by a number of factors; high birth rate, change, immigration as well as the size of the existing followers on what the growth calculation is established. Therefore a tiny group may have large converts, therefore showing a high ‘growth percentage’ although not always the numbers of changes. islam tv show

Overall surveys conducted by official and semi-official, as well private organizations around the world, support the contention that a person religion has witnessed the greatest increase in its followers over the past decade, by several measures, and that is Islam. 

Back in 2000, the most significant foi of the world were; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. While Christian believers made up the most significant percentage of the world population or about 32% of world population, the rate was declining. Second major was Islam at 22%, or around 1 ) 4 Billion of those of the earth and growing. While other made use of, as well as atheists, showed no noticeable change in the numbers of their adherents. Although a reasonable estimate can be found, nevertheless , no appropriate data exists as to the actual number of followers of either beliefs on the globe, or the total world human population for that matter.

The quickest regarding Islam over the past few years has occurred in the most significant predominantly Muslim countries of the world, these included: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt as a result of high birth rates there. In Europe and The united states, the large influx of immigrants of Muslims has ended in the high ratio rate increase in the number of men and women who promise Islam as their certitude. As the Christian and other religions see a decline in their development rate in the ALL OF US for example, immigrant Muslims, as well as new converts to Islam from Christian and other faiths has resulted in Islam showing the quickest expansion rate and a quantity of individuals who call themselves Muslims.

According to publisher Samuel Huffington, the overall population of Christians in the world has recently been declining since the eighties, due to the low birth rate amidst Religious populated areas of the world, and can support at around 25% by year 2025. However, because of to high birth rate, and increasing percentage of new converts, Islam will surpass Christianity as the dominant religion by the same year, making up 30% of the total population worldwide.

From the data provided by Circumstance. S. Center for Community Mission the growth of Islam at 2. 9%, is higher than the growth on the planet population at 2. 6% per year, higher than some other religion, thereby Islam as a religion is sure to grow and pass on faster than some other religion. With the immigration of Muslims to The european union, U. S, Canada, Down under, and even China, the Muslim population will eventually have the majority in these places, which is already evident by growing numbers of mosque, Islamic centers, schools, and businesses which exclusively cater to Muslim customers – for food, clothing, books and Islamic literature.

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