Women-Owned Cleaning Businesses: The Finest in the Industry

The professional cleaning business is within a renaissance of kinds. It has evolved into more dragging a cleaner over the floor or capturing a feather duster across knick-knacks. New concerns such as toxins, environment preservation, and ever-improving technologies create competition among products and companies. An influx of women and minority-owned cleaning businesses is forcing the competition take notice. security jersey ci

Cristi Cleaning Services

Successful women are derived from all countries and backgrounds but one thing they have in keeping is their ability to inspire. In 1980, business proprietor Christina Lopez created a chance for himself when she founded Cristi Cleaning Services. At the time there were not many female business owners in the cleaning community, and Christina placed make a name for their self. After 30 years of successful operations, Cristina received the Minority Small Organization Person of the Yr Award from the US Small Business Administration in 2001. Her cleaning company suits businesses in the New York and Fresh Jersey area. Clients include offices, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and even The Port Authority of Fresh York and New Shirt.

Cristi Cleaning Services uses approximately 475 staff who are trained to provide top-notch professional service with a personal touch. The company bills itself as “guardians of your consumers’ first impressions” and recognizes its job as an essential part with their clients’ life-support system. The corporation takes great pride in being caretakers of environmental surroundings. They use green cleaning companies procedures to create theirenvironmentally friendlycleaning service. These types of products create pleasurable interior and outdoor environments using natural ingredients and scents.

Ideal Cleaning Services

Great Cleaning Services, LLC is positioned in New York Town and is a woman-owned residential and commercial cleaning company. Ideal Cleaning Solutions has been in business for ten years and it services the boroughs as well as some upstate areas. This business has found an unique market. They specialize in hoarding cases, biohazard cleanup and cleaning crime scenes.

Best Cleaning is the first company to specialize in hoarding/clutter and human waste materials combo cases and so they have nine years of experience in this area. That they realize that compulsive hoarding is an issue which needs to be dealt with using concern and resources to help clients with their problem. The company works together the hoarder or a 3 rd party to get the living space washed. Great Cleaning even has a life coach to help clients work through their hoarding issues.

Ideal Maintenance has a separate criminal offense services division that does indeed very intensive cleaning in sensitive situations. The personnel is properly trained to remove and handle bio-hazardous waste.

Green Cleaning for Life

One of the most inspiring story of all takes place in Denver, Colorado where 10 immigrant women started their own cooperative with the aid of Un Centro Humanitario of Denver colorado, a company that promotes workers’ rights. The co-op is called Green Cleaning for Life LLC. Each girl makes $12 1 hour and has an equal talk about in the business. The Bureau of Labor Reports states that in 2011 maids and housekeepers in Colorado earned typically $9. 72 per hour. This kind of puts the co-op staff ahead of their friends as much as starting salary, plus these women can take pride in their work and the truth that they own section of the business. In the end of each year, the ten women divide the co-op’s world wide web profits among themselves. This kind of gives everyone the compensation to work harder since they reap the earnings directly.

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